Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to Sports Trivia Nut

Let's face it - sports fans love sports trivia. But have you ever noticed that there are no really good sports trivia web sites out there? I am talking about a site that has great questions, lets me compare how much I know against my friends and other players, and a site that lets me submit questions as well as answer them. The only site that comes close to this is FunTrivia. The problem I have with FunTrivia is that it is not a sports site- it is a general trivia site with a sports section and so it does not cater to a real sports fan. After to talking over this problem with a friend of mine the 2 of us set out to create the ultimate sports trivia web site- TriviaFix.

TriviaFix is all about sports trivia. We don't care what you know about TV or movies but don't even bother playing if you don't know your sports! We have sections on basketball trivia, baseball trivia, hockey trivia and football trivia. You can show off what you know by sport or team- each category has its own mini competition. You earn points for both answering and submitting questions. One of the coolest features is the trivia base don the sports news items of the day. For each story we select a player or team relevant to the story and give you a question on him.

I know that not everyone has the time to play all day so I decided to start this blog and bring you some of the great trivia questions to read online.

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