Friday, April 22, 2011

Monday, January 7, 2008

Perfection in Sports (Part One)

My Partner and I don't always see eye to eye. I asked him write up his thought son the recent 16-0 Patriots season. My rebuttal will come later this week.....

Perfection in sports, what is it exactly and how hard is it to achieve?

Is it breaking a long standing record (personal perfection)? Is it winning all your games during a season (team perfection)? Is it a perfect game in baseball (luck)?
I don't know exactly what it is, however I do know it is a very difficult thing to achieve.
2007 saw perfection in the New England Patriots (16-0 and counting).
But how hard was it for them to finish the season undefeated? I think the achievement was extremely difficult, not just because they played a tough schedule, but because the pressure surrounding each game was enormous. Once they ran their record to 10-0, each game was like the Super Bowl for their opponent. The opponent wanted to knock them off so badly that even terrible teams (Baltimore, Philadelphia, the NY Jets) played the games of their lives.
The question now is whether they exerted too much effort trying to reach 16-0. Do they have the physical and mental edge that will allow them to win three more games and the Super Bowl.
Unlike the regular season if they fail at this stage, they go home empty handed and 16-0 regular season will mean nothing.

And of course the related Football Trivia question- How many NFL teams have been 1 loss shy of a perfect record?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Transition from player to coach

As someone who grew up a New York Knicks fan and spent his college years watching Ewing, Starks and Houston at least make it exciting every year it is painful to see today that the team is only 7-17. What makes it even more painful is also recalling what an inspiration Isiah Thomas was on the court and the role he played in leading his team to back to back titles in 89-90 seasons.

This got me thinking about the difficulty in transition from great player to great coach\manager and how it really requires a completely different set of skills. So, here is a sports trivia question for you. Which great professional sports players have been able to succeed both on the court and on the sidelines as player and coach (or manager). I have come up with only a handful since the 50’s. If you can think of any please leave it in the comments below or challenge yourself on TriviaFix basketball trivia section.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interesting User Submitted Questions

One the great features of TriviaFix is the user submitted questions. We see all types of questions on a wide variety of teams and sports. While the vast majority of these sports trivia questions are real- we have a few users who abuse the system and submit trash. Sometimes it is a tough call if a question should be activated and put into the rotation for other users to see. Here is one, that while ultimately was rejected, had us rolling for a while and we awarded points to the user just for the entertainment value of it.

It is a True\False question submitted to the Baseball Trivia section:

Question: Who's on first
Answer: True

Monday, November 26, 2007

New TriviaFix Sports Trivia Widget

We are always looking for new ways to distribute our sports trivia content and today we are happy to include the cool widget you see in the sidebar. Feel free to grab the widget and post it on your site. Every day it will grab a new question from the TriviaFix database and display it in the widget.

If you are a publisher and are interested in customizing the widget to specific sports or teams drop me a note and we can set you up in a few minutes.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Help me out here....

The original idea of the "Submit a Question" feature on TriviaFix was for players to be able to challenge others by submitting there own sports trivia question and answers. Very quickly I realized that many were trying to submit trivia questions that they didn't know the answers to. I am thinking of adding a feature that would allow for this type of question - but until then you should try some of the sites dedicated to this like Wiki-Answers or Yedda (recently purchased by AOL).

Here is one that was submitted today:
"Last week the Philadelphia Eagles were double digit favorites this week they are double digit underdogs has this happened before in the NFL?"

Great question- if you know leave the answer in the comments, or better yet submit it as a Football question on TriviaFix.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Welcome to Sports Trivia Nut

Let's face it - sports fans love sports trivia. But have you ever noticed that there are no really good sports trivia web sites out there? I am talking about a site that has great questions, lets me compare how much I know against my friends and other players, and a site that lets me submit questions as well as answer them. The only site that comes close to this is FunTrivia. The problem I have with FunTrivia is that it is not a sports site- it is a general trivia site with a sports section and so it does not cater to a real sports fan. After to talking over this problem with a friend of mine the 2 of us set out to create the ultimate sports trivia web site- TriviaFix.

TriviaFix is all about sports trivia. We don't care what you know about TV or movies but don't even bother playing if you don't know your sports! We have sections on basketball trivia, baseball trivia, hockey trivia and football trivia. You can show off what you know by sport or team- each category has its own mini competition. You earn points for both answering and submitting questions. One of the coolest features is the trivia base don the sports news items of the day. For each story we select a player or team relevant to the story and give you a question on him.

I know that not everyone has the time to play all day so I decided to start this blog and bring you some of the great trivia questions to read online.