Monday, November 26, 2007

New TriviaFix Sports Trivia Widget

We are always looking for new ways to distribute our sports trivia content and today we are happy to include the cool widget you see in the sidebar. Feel free to grab the widget and post it on your site. Every day it will grab a new question from the TriviaFix database and display it in the widget.

If you are a publisher and are interested in customizing the widget to specific sports or teams drop me a note and we can set you up in a few minutes.


wwmorgan said...

We are a club basketball team and would love to have your sports widget on our website. Could all of the trivia questions pertain to basketball?

Dani said...

Yes, you can get an all basketball widget. Drop me an email if you are still interested and I will get you set up.

Matt Cohen said...

How do I delete the widget once it is posted?

Pet Sox Nation said...

We are a Red Sox blog for pets. Can we get one specific to Red Sox only?