Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Help me out here....

The original idea of the "Submit a Question" feature on TriviaFix was for players to be able to challenge others by submitting there own sports trivia question and answers. Very quickly I realized that many were trying to submit trivia questions that they didn't know the answers to. I am thinking of adding a feature that would allow for this type of question - but until then you should try some of the sites dedicated to this like Wiki-Answers or Yedda (recently purchased by AOL).

Here is one that was submitted today:
"Last week the Philadelphia Eagles were double digit favorites this week they are double digit underdogs has this happened before in the NFL?"

Great question- if you know leave the answer in the comments, or better yet submit it as a Football question on TriviaFix.


Dara said...

If you check out the "Entertainment" section on Funadvice.com, there's sports questions and trivia sometimes posted. It's also a really fast growing community, so going there to post trivia questions, predictions, etc. will get you some good answers and discussions.

Dani Waxman said...

Thanks Dara. I went to check it out but got an error message. Please ping me when it's back up and I will take a look.

Dara said...

Hmm, it's up for me :) Perhaps your firewall blocked it or it was a temporary outage. Should work now!

Please let me know what you think, any questions, comments, etc. Or if you can mention it on your blog!