Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Transition from player to coach

As someone who grew up a New York Knicks fan and spent his college years watching Ewing, Starks and Houston at least make it exciting every year it is painful to see today that the team is only 7-17. What makes it even more painful is also recalling what an inspiration Isiah Thomas was on the court and the role he played in leading his team to back to back titles in 89-90 seasons.

This got me thinking about the difficulty in transition from great player to great coach\manager and how it really requires a completely different set of skills. So, here is a sports trivia question for you. Which great professional sports players have been able to succeed both on the court and on the sidelines as player and coach (or manager). I have come up with only a handful since the 50’s. If you can think of any please leave it in the comments below or challenge yourself on TriviaFix basketball trivia section.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interesting User Submitted Questions

One the great features of TriviaFix is the user submitted questions. We see all types of questions on a wide variety of teams and sports. While the vast majority of these sports trivia questions are real- we have a few users who abuse the system and submit trash. Sometimes it is a tough call if a question should be activated and put into the rotation for other users to see. Here is one, that while ultimately was rejected, had us rolling for a while and we awarded points to the user just for the entertainment value of it.

It is a True\False question submitted to the Baseball Trivia section:

Question: Who's on first
Answer: True